We end up our lives striving hard through thick and thin to stash anything and everything which we think is beautiful and make up the place called “sweet home”. For some it remains just a dream. The home décor is flooded with the concept of furniture designs and it is indeed the integral part of the interior design.


Home design is incomplete and unfinished business when we do not include the furniture part because that is something which captures our attention primarily. Furniture designs are basically categorized based on specific parameters and accordingly they are placed in the specific place.


Lot depends on the external factors which play pivotal role in deciding which type of furniture will look good under specific circumstances. The most common designs are available in wooden frame or metallic frame with covering being done using woolen sheet, cotton covers, leatherette or pure leather depending upon the requirement.


Home décor includes other things like carpets, curtains, flooring which should be taken into consideration when deciding upon the furniture and especially the color scheme. Not to forget, the wall color is another important dimension which could make lot of difference in the style and look of your house.


There are set pattern which is being followed mostly wherein the single color is chosen from walls to carpet to the flooring and then the furniture. At times it is also seen that the contrasting colors are selected between the furniture and the wall colors to make them look clean and unique.


Furniture is the only item in the household that occupies maximum space which effectively means that it is going to get noticed more often and frequently than anything else in the home hence special care must be taken when you do selection for the bigger items belonging to this category like bed, sofa and dining table. 


For people opting out for dining table with glass top should go for hallow bean circular rim base chairs with straight back to complement each other. Make sure that the sofa color should be on light shade to the wall color and there should be running pattern from ceiling to curtains to walls to sofa and then to flooring and carpet. 


Either follow top down or bottom up approach in selecting the color scheme for all the elements of your home including furniture.

Nowadays customized solutions are available where you can unpack the sofa into bed and vice versa which provides elegance to the home décor and provide efficient ways of managing space.

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