Do you want to redecorate your space but you do not have a budget? You may think that in order to make your current space to look good, you have to invest on a lot of expensive furniture as well as other expensive items that you just cannot afford at present time. Do not stress yourself over the things that you cannot buy at present time. Rather, what you can do is think about the other decorating ideas that will give you what you need.

Get to decorate inexpensively when you check this out: 

Do remember that the property that you have can be inspired by something that you have seen. You may want to look at Marina One Residences Showflat for inspiration or you can somewhat get an idea from other showrooms and incorporate that into the space that you have at present time. Do not be discouraged even if you do not have a lot of money at present time. Here are some inexpensive decorating ideas that you ought to try:

1.       Paint

The great thing about paint is that they do not cost a lot of money although you have to be good at painting so that it will totally transform the overall look of your space for the better. Remember to choose the right type of paint. Some paint types are meant for cement while others are meant to be used for wood. Of course, the right color will make a lot of difference as well.

2.       Try Second Hand Stores

If you have always been fond of second hand stores for the vintage things that they can offer, you will most likely have a lot of fun trying out second hand stores for the various items that they have. The moment that you see something you love; you can expect that it will cost less than what you were eyeing in the mall.

3.       Check Out Stock Items

Instead of having everything custom made, you can always save a lot more money if you buy off the rack. You have to remember that even if you feel that everyone has a certain design that you love, you will always find something unique that you will not see almost everywhere. It is all about being perceptive and of course, following your personal style.


These are just some of the tips that you have to remember if you would want to make your space look better without having to spend a lot. There are still a lot more that you can try.

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