Whether you have been living in a condominium for a long period of time or you have just started living there does not mean that you have to take the design for granted. The design of your condo will showcase your personality unless of course you would like the unit to look like all the other units that the Wisteria developer has created. You have to make some changes so that it will look like your own.

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Here are some of the condo designs that you may want to check out:

1.       Popping Color Scheme

You may choose about 2 colors that complement each other and then choose another color that will pop out from the colors that you have chosen. For example, you may want to choose white and gray then choose red as the color that will make your condominium unit pop out. This will change the overall look of your condominium immediately.

2.       Modern Eclectic

Another design idea that you may want to check out is mixing some modern and contemporary with vintage and traditional. The right touches here and there can make your condo space look homey and cozy with just the right furniture and decorations.

3.       All White

Of course if you would like to have a condominium unit that you will be forced to clean ever so often because of the color, the all white color theme is a great idea. Do remember that you will also choose other colors that can complement white. You can choose silver if you would like to make it look more modern or cream if you would like to make it look classier.

4.       Rustic

If you would like to have a rustic theme condominium unit then you have to be prepared to consider all the furniture that you are using. Is the furniture that you are using connected to the theme? You have to make sure that your furniture will follow the theme to make this type of design possible.

5.       Minimalist

If you would like a condominium that will showcase your being a minimalist, this is the best design idea that you ought to try. Do remember that having the right furniture is the key. Being a minimalist does not mean that you will not have decorations but you would need the right decors to make it work perfectly.


With all of the designs that are available, you can already be sure that you will get to choose one that you know you will like a lot. No need to think about location of Wisteria Condo anymore because your condo can also look just as great no matter where it may be located.

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