You may be aware that climate change and global warming are just two of the issues that are starting to plaque the world. Some people just do not care even with the different things that they are experiencing so far. There are some who are only feeling the effects too late when they have already done a lot of things in the past to contribute to the massive change happening around the world.

If in case you would like to contribute to the movement of making your condominium more Eco - friendly so that you will help save mother earth, there are some things that you can do. Of course, it will help if your unit’s floor plan is similar to Gem Residences Condo floor plan but if not, there are still some things that you can do to make things work well for you.

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Here are some of the useful things that you can do that can help in saving the environment:

1.         Search for Eco Friendly Paint

If you find the current paint of your condominium to be a bit bland, why not change it up? Do not just use any random paint. Instead, what you can do is make sure that you will choose eco friendly paint. There are so many paint colors that are available that will be perfect for the design that you have in mind.

2.         Recycle.

This has been said so many times already and it should always be repeated. There is always a need for you to recycle some of the things that you are not using anymore because not only will this help eliminate waste, you can also stop new items from being produced. If you are creative, you can make use of things that you are not using anymore into new items that will surely decorate your home.

3.         Do Not Throw Out Your Sofa

You may be seeing the need to throw out your sofa because it is old and you are tired of it but you can hire someone to change its overall appearance so that it can fit well with the design and theme that you have chosen for your condominium unit. You will be surprised with how great your sofa will look like afterwards.

If you would need other inspiration on how you can make your condominium unit more Eco friendly, you may want to check out the design of Gem Residences from Gem Residences facebook Page.

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