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Ventilation stands for the fresh air which is necessary for all of us because it reduces many of the health problems and saves from the irritating pollutants and dangerous gasses. Good ventilation supplies fresh air to our house and removes stale air. Some of the benefits of Ventilation are:

1.      Ventilation helps in reducing condensation- Condensation may cause many health issues such as allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Good ventilation of house will help in reducing these risks. You can also design a well-ventilated house yourself.

2.      Control air impurities- Sometimes the air inside the house is more polluted than the air outside. If there will be inadequate ventilation pollen and other dust particles can be trapped and concentrated inside the house. But proper ventilation helps to remove particles and dust from the air.

3.      Protect respiratory health and prevent asthma-Asthma and other respiratory conditions can develop in damp and moldy conditions as they multiply dust. When skin and respiratory system come into contact with the dust mites, it causes eczema, itching and breathing problems. But good ventilation prevents all these health issues while supplying fresh air to the home inhabitants.

4.      Reduces back drafting risks- When a home has negative pressure, outdoor air is pulled into the home which is known as back drafting and which can become dangerous when gasses such as carbon dioxide are pulled back into a chimney and become concentrated in a home.  Never ignore ventilation while designing your kitchen.

5.     Effective in lowering concentrations of radon gas- Radon gas is a colorless, odorless gas which has been linked to cases of lung cancer. Homes which are near mines and water treatment facilities, radon as may become trapped inside the house if there will be not adequate ventilation.

6.      Reduces the symptoms of hay fever- An effective ventilation systems can help to filter the air which enters in the home. Fresh air help to control pollutants in the indoor atmosphere, which have a positive impact on health.

7.      Lessen the impact of volatile organic compounds- Volatile organic compounds are invisible gasses which leads to many health problems in the home.

8.      Reduces bad odor- Bad odor of our houses go out along with the impure air. A good ventilation system will help to maintain fresh and odor free air in the house.

9.    Reduces electricity bill- A good ventilation system always help to maintain the fresh air in the house which reduces the costly energy bills.

10.   Reduce temperatures- The environment can become hot and stuffy when lots of people are at one place or room. A good ventilated room will be more comfortable and make it more productive workplace.

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