Hello beautiful people! Let me tell you something about myself. I am a very simple person with a beautiful name of Rose. I completed my schooling and graduation from here only before moving to Hong Kong because of my family business. We are into interior designing and especially into consultancy.


My grandfather started with furniture shop where he used to design new concepts and prepare the stuff which became very famous in the circle and gradually our business grew manifolds. But due to lack of marketing skills and right technique required to keep the momentum going, our business suffered serious backlash from our competitors.


Since my grandfather proved his worth in making good designs and he knew what would fit best in a particular home considering all the other factors like wall color, curtains, flooring, room space etc. my father decided to open up the consultancy firm in parallel to stay afloat in the business.  


I too inherited the skill of knowing the perfect design concept and finding the right fit based on the given setup, I decided to pursue my career in this stream only. After we made some good saving through consultancy we decided to come back to Singapore and revive our furniture business.


I carried out the overhauling of all the manual and old processes and converted them into automated and IT driven. Our business is flourishing quite well at the moment thanks to the IT world which gave us right platform to launch us again into the right perspective.


The objective of this blog is to share my experience with the people from across the globe and also seek other similar stories from them to get motivated and learn from them.


I also firmly believe that criticism is an important aspect of our work routine hence healthy discussion and feedback is very much important to keep improving and moving forward. 


Through this blog, I intend to connect to the masses and understand what other practices are being followed around the globe so that I can incorporate them into our existing designs. At the same time I would want to showcase our unique designs with the people to help them learn as well as seek their suggestion on how to further improve them, if there is any possibility.

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